I love a good pair of lashes. I ordered the Diva and Marianne lashes. They are bomb. I have worn them over 7 times. The quality is amazing!! Definitely ordering again!


25 Sexy Lashes: A Lashlox Review (not a a 50 shades of grey spin off) I am a HUGE fan of these lashes. As my review title suggests, I have been wearing the same set of Vanessa lashes on almost a daily basis for the past 25 days. I have sensitive skin and eyes, plus allergies that prevent be from wearing mascara. I also hate the feeling of gunk on or around my eyes, but these lashes go on easy and are as light as a feather...so much so, that I often don't remember that I'm wearing them until someone compliments me on how nice my eyes look. I should note that the compliments aren't about how nice my makeup looks, but about my eyes. I have been asked what eye cream I use to make my lashes grow and when I say they're fake, I'm asked where I went to get my extensions done. These are well made, high quality, durable, comfortable, and a huge bargain. I'd give them a 10 star review if I could!

Keeva P.

I absolutely love my Diva lashes. I am a first time lash-wearer and now I use them frequently. Diva lashes stay on and come off easily and they have a natural appearance. I think I’m ready to get bolder with my lashes... let’s see what I choose next. ❤️

Paula G

OMG, Mayvis your lashes are absolutely beautiful. I love them. I was so pleased with my purchase, that I ordered more. Keep up the great work making us look beautiful. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.


These new lashes does not disappoint. They are light weight yet sturdy. Easy to apply, Loxie everyday lash with style.... love them

Marianne A

Liplox and Lashlox products are the best I have ever used by far. The lipsticks and glosses are long wearing with no creasing or feathering with a nice taste and scent. The colors are absolutely gorgeous!! Lashlox lashes are AMAZING!! They are so light, that you don't even feel like you are wearing false lashes. The natural curve design allows for the perfect fit. I am in love with these lashes!! With 20 uses for the price, you can't go wrong! Thank you Mayvis Payne for creating beautiful affordable products with the highest standards. I can't wait for your next creation!